October in the south. Sunshine, seventy-degree weather and a myriad of colorful trees decorate our campus' main quad. The weather presents the perfect opportunity for pairing light jackets with dark sunglasses. This week's Fashionista, Betsy, takes the quintessential combo of a basic white t-shirt and comfy black leggings to an entirely new level. This Fashionista caught my eye as she was boarding campus transportation with her books in tow, but looking fabulous nonetheless. She takes the CollegeFashionista's go-to outfit and adds her own spunk and personality. Her Ray-Ban sunglasses exude an effortless cool and her bright blue jacket is the perfect color and material for the weather. Her silver, heart shaped pendant and funky, leopard print skimmers add the perfect amount of spunk to this ensemble!

Name: Betsy Santoyo

Major: Undecided

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your outfit today?

Betsy Santoyo: After having spent yet another restless night at the good ol' Perk  the last thing I wanted to worry about was putting an outfit together. I decided to go with comfortability for the day, hence the tank, flats and leggings. But, to avoid looking blatantly lazy, I decided to vamp up my outfit by wearing patterned flats, a blue jacket and a large heart locket.

CF: Who are your favorite budget-friendly labels to wear?

BS: I'm going to have to go with Forever 21. Everything is so affordable and it's where I can get the most for my money. I especially love buying my basics there. The flats, leggings, tank and necklace I am wearing are all from Forever 21, coincidentally.

CF: What is your favorite thing to wear in the fall?

BS: Scarves! I wait all year to when it's socially acceptable to wear them again.

How To: The key to mastering this Fashionista's look is to find fun ways to turn a standard outfit into “college chic.” Funky flats, an fantastic jacket or an eye-catching pendant are just a few of many ways you can make an outfit fashionable and unique. Try a bright, neon jacket like this Members Only Jacket that you'll find at Urban Outfitters, or make your shoes the focus of the outfit with these bright turquoise flats from Dolce Vita. The electric-colored suede and quaint bow will be sure to stop a fellow Fashionista dead in her tracks. Check these blue suede shoes on the site, Lori's: The Sole of Chicago. Also, look for a conversation-starting pendant that is a beautiful stone or a cool symbol. Check out this Hamsa Chain Necklace from Ettika or this Purple Tear Drop Pendant from Max & Chloe. Whatever you choose, just make sure you pair some great pieces with a lot of confidence!

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