Anyone remember the movie Cadet Kelly? I don’t know why I’m even asking the question because the answer is obviously yes — it was the best Disney Channel original movie after all…

In case you don’t remember the logistics, Hilary Duff’s title character goes all postal when her evil military sergeant step father forces her to go to George Washington Military Academy (and her mother doesn’t step in, putting her almost on the same level as Faye Dunaway in Mommy Dearest). You can’t help but sympathize with Duff as she is forced to hide her bangles and baubles under her military cap while simultaneously avoiding army brat Stone’s attempts to conform the helpless Fashionista. Eventually, Duff decides she can have the best of both worlds — fashion and drill team — and becomes Cadet Kelly, my favorite style icon at press time (it changes a lot…)

The amount of military-inspired fashion being produced in the past few seasons has far surpassed the amount of officers in the U.S. military. Fashionista Bianca Lopez may not be in ROTC, but she’s sure got the utilitarian-inspired ensemble to win the battle in the concrete jungle they call life. With her army green vest (which also has zip-on-and-off sleeves…how insane?) and worn out muted grey Converse are practically military-grade and her accessories are also aggressively amazing — her wooden rings, paired with knuckle rings, are from recent excursions to Colombia and her stone bracelet is a converted necklace.

CollegeFashionista: How would you define your personal style?

Bianca Lopez: Youthful and full of color. It tends to change with my mood.

CF: How do you anticipate your style changing as you make the transition from high school to college?

BL: I think it's going to stay pretty much the same. I anticipate myself dressing in more layers than the typical skin-tight, midriff-exposing kind of outfits like the typical high school girl.

CF: What's your style philosophy?

BL: Wear what you feel comfortable in — don't try to dress like something you’re not. Also, listen to your mom — chances are, she has been right about something style-wise and she'll probably be right again.

CF: From where you do draw your style inspiration?

BL: I get a lot of my style inspiration from magazines and watching entertainment shows that deal with fashion (Fashion Police). Also, I follow celebrity style icons on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the latest trends.

CF: What trend are you looking forward to this fall?

BL: I'm looking forward to pairing colored jeans and sweaters with the different kind of boots. Oh and scarves — I love scarves!

How To: To get this Fashionista’s off-duty cadet look, scour the racks for a military-inspired vest. If you can’t find one, here’s your next mission: Take an old military jacket (or a new one) and cut the sleeves at the seams. Pair it with your most beloved white tank, denim cutoffs and I’ve-worn-these-so-many-times-I-have-to-keep-them-pinned-together Converse. Throw on all the boho jewelry you can find and there you go — mission not-impossible.

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