I was walking behind this Fashionista who was listening to her iPod when I noticed her flats, accessories and the layering of her jackets. I was glad I got to stop her for an interview because she was extremely specific in her answers, and I could tell that she was really into fashion as well!

Name: Brandy Gu

Major: Marketing and Retail

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

Brandy Gu: I have so many [places I get inspiration from]! But right now [pulling out her iPhone to show me examples] I'm really into the “casual chic meets grungy” look (from Nylon magazine). I love to look at magazines and I look at a lot of fashion blogs.

CF: What made you decide what to wear this morning?

BG: First, my shoes, I had to wear them. And I was thinking something denim, but not just a denim jacket, so I put the blazer over it.

CF: What is a brand and type of clothing that you think is out of style, as of today?

BG: I'm not sure about being out of style, but personally, I'm not really a fan of Tory Burch like everyone else is. It seems so many people are so obsessed with it, and I'm just not and don't understand why they are. Also, don't wear sweatpants or pajamas to school.

How To: Want to create a layering look like today's Fashionista did? Put on your favorite tee or a blouse, a thin jacket you want to wear inside and then a more detailed jacket over. You can start off with something like this for the inner layer, and this one for the outer layer. Layering keeps you warm, stylish and creative. Let your fashionable imaginations create your look!


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