Embracing past trends, and finding a new way to style them is what makes fashion fun. This concept of taking what’s old and making it new again is what drew me to this Fashionista. Her jean skirt brought me back to my days of shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch with the frayed hemline mini skirt. Back to the present, this Fashionista’s jean skirt is tasteful, structured, and stylish. By accessorizing the simple outfit with a colorful scarf, and metallic gladiators, this week’s Fashionista shows us that jean skirts’ are still a springtime favorite.

Name: Brittany Knochel

Year: Senior

Major: Double Major in Communication Studies and Health Promotions

CollegeFashionista: In the workplace next year, how will you incorporate your personal style with your work attire?

Brittany Knochel: It is going to be tricky keeping my style while I’m working in a professional setting, however I am excited for the new challenges it brings. I will have to experiment with suits and accessorize in a way where my style shows through. 

CF: What is your favorite piece in your closet right now?

BK: This amazing leather coat that I got while I was studying abroad.

CF: What is your biggest fashion fetish (must have)?

BK: I have an addiction to shoe shopping. When I was in Italy, it was shoe heaven; I ended up buying 8 pairs while I was there. 

How To: If you are in the market for a new jean skirt, stray away from the destroyed frayed style, and look for an updated version as Brittany is wearing. Genetic Denim offers a chic denim maxi skirt. This style is cool not only for it’s maxi length, but for the playful slit in the middle. For a tighter more rocker style, this acid wash one is the perfect choice from Urban Outfitters. Topshop also offers an array of denim skirts, and this one matches Brittany’s style choice. For spring and summer seasons the denim skirt is another option aside from jeans shorts and dress, and allows for endless accessorizing options. 

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