They say that March comes "in like a lion and out like a lamb," but what about the awkward in between? We've all dealt with the cumbersome coat issue, when the weather is too hot for a winter coat but still too cold for a light jacket. The solution for this mid-month mystery is easy .. a functionally fashionable trench coat! With its slimming lines and effortless practicality, trench coats are an absolute wardrobe must. In these flunctuating weather patterns, a trench coat is a great option because it allows for plenty of layering room while simultaneiously not causing you to break a sweat. A versatile trench coat is also a great investment piece because of its effortless transition into the coming months of spring. Once you have one at your disposal, you will be finding all different types of occasions to rock it out. This week's Fashionista was definitely in the know when I spotted her in this architectually pleasing Alice + Olivia trench coat. She completed the look with over-the-knee boots and a cozy scarf.

Name: Cait Hess

Major: Nursing

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your look today?

Cait Hess: The weather because it was windy and cold. I wanted to wear a coat that was appropriate for the weather but still looked fashionable. I also like to dress based on my mood.

CF: Who is your favorite designer and why?

CH: My favorite designer is Lanvin because the clothes have an edge or something futuristic about them, but remain classic as well. I am also a huge fan of the classic look of Burberry.

CF: What is one item of clothing you could never live without?

CH: Scarves!

How To: There are many different directions you can go when purchasing a trench coat. There is always the classic and neutral option, like this Banana Republic coat. If you are searching for more of a statement piece, a two-toned look like this Pink Tartan coat adds some flare while still acting as a wardrobe staple.

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