Nobody knows more about being a Fashionista than the one and only Rachel Zoe. According to her fashion guide, The Zoe Report, there are many fall looks incorporating classic black and white like autumn ads from Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and J Brand. Just a few days after reading this, I spotted this Fashionista and was inspired by her black and gray business casual look. The contrasting colors were displayed as a theme in her preppy ensemble in her top, scarf and the cuff of her blazer. I also admired the different patterns in her top and scarf and how they laid next to each other without clashing.

Name: Caitlin Harris

Major: Business Management

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionita: Tell me about your outfit.

Caitlin Harris: I’m wearing dark skinny jeans with a Banana Republic blazer, shirt from J. Crew, Tory Burch ballet flats and a scarf that I got in Morocco.

CF: Who is your style icon?

CH: Olivia Palermo is my style icon. I like the way she mixes and matches different pieces and she accessories really well. She used to dress a little more preppy, but she’s gotten more edgy as I’ve seen photos of her in leather shorts, fur vests and combat boots.

CF: What is your favorite store and why?

CH: J. Crew and Francessca’s are my two favorite stores. I like J. Crew because of the variety and style of clothes they have. I like Francessca’s because they have really cute jewelry and bags. I also like some tops and dresses that I’ve found from there for such a great price!

How To: To begin resembling this Fashionista’s look, start with a good fitting blazer. Piperlime is a great place to shop online and they feature both classic black blazers and classic white blazers. Both would look fabulous and capture the chic look of contrasting with the right top underneath. Next, find a patterned scarf with any black and white pattern. To finish off this look, Tory Burch has the perfect patent leather ballet flats that are so versatile and would surely be a most used item in any Fashionista’s closet!


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