Just before taking cover for the oncoming ice storm, I ran into this cute, little Fashionista outside of one of the residence halls. Keeping things bright and peppy with a twist, this Journalism student, Catie, told me a little bit about herself. She shares the secrets of her adorable look in the interview below!

Name: Caitlin O’Hara

Year: Freshman

Major: Journalism

College Fashionista: Where are you originally from and how did/does that influence your style?

Caitlin O’Hara: Well, I am originally from England, and my family still lives there, so when I visit I love to go to shops that I don't have the opportunity to visit here. I suppose my style is pretty European sometimes because of sharing ideas with my cousins and friends over there.

CF: What is your favorite color/texture/print/pattern to wear?

CO: I love really feminine things, like lace and floral. Sheer fabrics and sweaters are my current staples. There really isn't a color that I don't love, but I wear a lot of blue and purple, and recently have been pretty into nude colors. All of my winter clothes seem to be primary colored though, for some reason.

CF: What kind of music do you listen to and how does that influence your style?

CO: I love, love, love most types of music. My all time favorites would be the Beatles and Radiohead, but I'm always up for hearing new things. I'm enamored with fashions of the past, specifically the 40s-70s, so that is probably influenced by music I grew up on and continue to love.

How To: To get a sweet but funky look like Catie’s, try pairing pieces that are primary colors. Try this red pleated corduroy skirt from Urban Outfitters and this red toggle clasp coat from Forever 21 to get started. Next you’ll need a great sweater and a signature colored scarf. Don’t forget to keep a couple of neutrals in your look, like Catie did with her shirt and tights. Lastly, you’ll need a perfect pair of boots, like these from Urban Outfitters!

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