“It’s an investment piece.” This is often the line I present to my parents in reference to pricier pieces. (Handbags and anything leopard frequently fall into this category…) While strategically slipping this phrase into my argument typically works for my mother (a financial adviser who understands both fashion and financial investments), it often just evokes an eye roll from Daddy-o.

This Fashionista clearly understands the concept of investing in style. Her draped black blazer, pastel blouse, fitted dark-wash jeans, and brown suede boots are a testament to her understanding of investing wisely. While all of these pieces create a great outfit, they can each be worn time and time again with trendier items.

Name: Calle Knight

Major: International Affairs

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How does your closet reflect your personality?

Calle Knight: I am the type of person who pays attention to minute details. When I meet a people, I don't just look at their eye color or their hair style. Rather, I notice the stitching on their jeans or how the fit of their pant leg is designed to elongate and slim. My analytic personality is reflected in my closet, and what I look to add to it, in my obsession with details. When looking at my wardrobe, some people might see unstructured blazers and skinny jeans, but I see the blazer's intentional asymmetrical lapels and the rips in my dark wash jeans, which were crafted using a combination of my mother's cheese grater and a nail file. I notice everything, so I make sure I pick out pieces full of little details that reflect that.

CF: What are your top three closet staples?

CK: 1. Slub cotton: In addition to being ridiculous comfortable, slub cotton shirts come in tons of different styles and colors. They also offer a more interesting texture that plain T-shirts.
2. White scarves: In the winter, I wear tons of black, brown, and grey layers. A white scarf, though definitely a spill magnet, is an easy way to break up my winter uniform.
3. Knee-high boots: Without a doubt, boots are my favorite type of shoe. Knee-high boots in a neutral color are versatile, and can pull a fall, winter, or spring outfit together.

CF: If you could raid anyone's closet, whose would it be and why?

CK: Rachel Bilson's! She tends to mix great, versatile neutrals with bold statement pieces, exciting patterns and textures, and uncommon accent colors. It also doesn't hurt that she's short like me, so I wouldn't have to worry about spending money on a tailor!

How To: Smart investments don't have to break the bank. Smart investments can often be inexpensive vintage finds or sale items. Just like this Fashionista, you should always have a go-to black (or navy) blazer, feminine blouse, fitted jeans, and black (or brown) boots. These four classic pieces can transition from outfit to outfit, season to season, and year to year. It is possible to be a smart and savvy shopper! And whenever in doubt, ask yourself, “is this an investment piece?”

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