Spring is finally here, Fashionistas/os! The days of hiding behind North Face jackets and duck boots are over. It's time to break out your brightest pastels and most distressed denim and soak in all of this lovely weather. I bumped into this Fashionista stopping to smell the fresh flowers on her way to a meeting, and loved the way she exemplifies the eviction of Old Man Winter. She combines stripes, patterns and solids to create the perfect springtime look.

Her ensemble begins with a black-trimmed straw fedora, to give the outfit a touch of summer. The hat is also a creative way of dressing up a short haircut. She's layered a longline, pure white cardigan over a pale pink button-up, which adds an air of leisure, but also structure to the look. Her button-up is tucked into a pair of distressed cuffed jean shorts, which are accented by a nautical striped navy-blue and cream belt. The shorts, while eye-catching, highlight her long legs, and offer a bit of fresh air on this warm spring day. On her feet, this Fashionista is wearing some floral oxfords, that prove that mixed prints can be side-by-side or far apart and still look chic. To finish her look, she sports a very unique accessory: a golden antique elephant necklace, with turquoise detailing. This preppy, springy number incorporates runway trends in a wearable way, and is the quintessential introductory outfit for the season.

Name: Camille Howard

Major: Communications

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Who would you consider a style icon? Which celebrity's style do you like the most?

Camille Howard: The show Pretty Little Liars has some very interesting concepts as they put their outfits together, and the style that they incorporate, and the jewelry that they wear. The only thing that I would say is that it's a little much because they are in high school, but I like that type of fashion. Also, surprisingly, recently I've been looking at some of the styles that Miley Cyrus has been venturing into, and she actually has a sense of fashion. So, right now I'm really admiring her.

CF: What's your favorite season to dress for?

CH: I would have to say the fall because I'm not into the too cold weather. I just feel like I get all dressed up and, especially on a college campus, I have to put on a big coat and then nobody sees what I'm wearing. For the fall, you can dress up in a cute scarf and a sweater and some jeans, and people can still see your whole outfit.

CF: What is your favorite accessory?

CH: I mainly have necklaces. Sometimes I feel like bracelets can get a bit bothersome when you're sitting in class. And I never really switch up my earrings, unless it's a special occasion. But I like necklaces the most, because I feel like you can be wearing a really dull outfit, and throw in a necklace and make it really pop.

CF: What is one item that you couldn't live without?

CH: It would be my black jeans. I don't like going weeks with wearing one color denim, and then I don't like wearing blue jean on blue jean. The only reason I bought leggings is because I accidentally left my black jeans at home. I've had my pair since my junior year in high school; those are like my old faithful jeans. If anything goes bad, I just go to the black jeans, basic white shirt, denim jacket, decorative scarf and maybe a hat.

CF: What would you suggest to students who have trouble finding their favorite stores while they're away at school?

CH: Well, because Columbia doesn't have a lot of your staple stores like Forever 21, and all of the stores downtown are within arm's reach, everyone goes there. So, I would suggest thrifting and online shopping. But instead of online shopping from Forever 21 (since everyone will be doing that), try and find different stores. I usually just Google whatever the style is that I want, and that will take me to different stores. For example, with these shoes, I Googled “oxfords” and found LuLu*s. So I think that finding different stores online and thrifting is a good way to make up for possibly not having your favorite stores at school.

How To: Incorporate mixed prints into your springtime wardrobe by adding a variety of prints and patterns to your solids. Start with a pastel-colored button-up, like this one from Forever 21. Pair it with your favorite belted denim shorts and a basic boyfriend cardigan. Then, take this Fashionista's advice and shop at a few different shops for the rest of your unique accessories. You can find a great Southwestern-print fedora at ThreadSence. Modcloth has an extensive collection of springtime statement necklaces, like this vintage, flowery locket. And last, slip into a printed pair of oxfords, like these color-blocked leopard ones from Edge of Urge. A look like this is sure to keep your closet relevant, yet relaxed this season.

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