I cannot believe that my second semester as a Style Guru has officially begun! I love writing for CollegeFashionista and am so excited to meet more trendsetters on the Villanova University campus! Today, I decided to photograph Camille Kostek who caught my eye not only because of her beautiful long blonde hair, but also because of her urban edgy style. This “style queen” accompanied her black riding boots and leggings with a white blouse from Calvin Klein and a denim vest from Madewell. Camille's fresh and exciting look brightened up the dreary day and made me want spring weather right now!

Name: Camille Kostek

Major: Communications

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Camille, have you always been interested in fashion?

Camille Kostek: Yes, I absolutely love fashion and always cared about how I dressed. My style tends to change for the occasion; whether I am going for a chic, casual look for class, or more of a city look, I try to always look put together. 

CF: Who inspires your style?

CK: To be honest, I am very inspired by the Kardashians, but also by my mom who encourages me to wear '80s styles like high-waisted shorts and pants. 

CF: What is your favorite item in your closet?

CK: My favorite item in my closet is my fitted black H&M shirt. It is my go-to staple item that can be easily dressed up or down. If I am going out and need a quick outfit, I know I can always wear this top and look great!

CF: Where do you typically shop?

CK: I love shopping at all kinds of different stores, whether it is a small boutique, Nordstrom or H&M.

How To: What I love about Camille's outfit is that it's simple and chic but most importantly, it is affordable. My favorite part of Camille's outfit is her white blouse from Calvin Klein. I still cannot believe she found this amazing and versatile piece on the sale rack for half off its original price. My entire closet is filled with chiffon and silk blouses like Camille's because they go with my style and immediately make me feel more put together. Some of my favorite stores to find blouses include J.Crew, Madewell, Urban Outfitters and H&M. These blouses look great with jeans or leggings and also look great tucked into skirts for a more formal look. My second favorite part of Camille's outfit is her riding boots. Even though I love all types of boots, this style really works with every outfit and can be found at many stores and at all different price points. I especially love buying shoes on Zappos because there is free shipping and they have an amazing selection at unbeatable prices. 

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