Let's face it. It is finally wintertime on the East Coast. Your bed and your computer are your best friends right now. I know getting out from under the covers is a drag and you don't want to pull on your winter boots and your fuzzy warm sweater because, hey, it's January. But let me tell you something: this is also a wonderful time to dust off your vintage cable knits and your trench coat. Get ready Fashionistas/os, it's the last stretch of winter. Spring is just around the corner and you'll be able to flail around in your floral prints and cute sandals soon enough; trust me. 

For now, go with a funky alternative for the cold weather. This Fashionista's outfit says, “Yes, I know it's winter, but I don't care,” and she looks fabulous.

Name: Candice Bancheri

Major: Painting

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How does your style impact who you are?

Candice Bancheri: I like to think it doesn't. I'd rather say that my personality and the world I live in impact who I am which, in turn, influences what I choose to wear.

CF: What is your favorite college-friendly piece of clothing?

CB: My Star Wars T-shirt! I'm a sucker for good old-fashioned sci-fi movies.

CF: Where do you usually get good fashion finds?

CB: The Garment District. It's cheap and fun and it's not just for Halloween, trust me.

How To: The center piece of your outfit is a simple brightly-colored dress. Everything else should be understated, yet embellishing. You might want to wear tights if it's drafty; Candice chose a pair with a slight flower pattern. This pair from Bloomingdale's might be a bit much, but fashion is about being bold. Find yourself a wool trenchcoat and an oversized cable knit scarf to keep you warm then add a pair of black boots and you've got Candice's look in the bag!


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