It's a rare occurance to witness such put together style on campus, but Cariña León is a flawless exception. This Fashionista can not only be seen cruising campus in the latest trends, but pulling them off effortlessly. Her style is a mix of class and comfort as she fashionably ties together her personal style with the distinct college-casual look seen all over the Eastern Washington University Campus. She rocks a classic look to kick off the second week of school with this trendy black out look with skinny jeans from PacSun paired with a fabulous lace top from Apricot Lane. To break up this color blocked look, the Fashionista adds a few key nuetral pieces such as her leather jacket and a skinny white belt. This helps to accentuate her figure by giving her a defined waistline as well as a fall look with a light jacket for the unexpected fall weather changes when scurrying between classes. To add some flare to her outfit, Cariña sports a pair of bright red flats by Madden Girl by Steve Madden, that are not only school spirited but an attention grabber as she makes her way across campus. To top off this knock out outfit, this EWU Fashionista carries a color coordinated gold accented bag and gorgeous vintage full-finger gold ring she discovered at an out of town boutique. Hint to all the fashion crazed girls out there: name brand stores aren't the only place to find amazing stuff, search your local boutiques for barried treasures from vintage jackets, shoes to jewelry.

Name: Cariña León

Major: Dental Hygiene

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Describe your style.

Cariña León: I would call my style very botique-oriented. I'm all about looking as classy as possible. My ideal outfit is a pair of black skinny jeans with neutral heels, dark blouse, topped with a neutral colored cardigan or jacket. 

CF: What is your favorite way to accessorize?

CL: My absolute favorite thing to throw on is girly or bold accessories such as a great bag or jewelry that add an extra pop to my outfit. I'm really into gold jewelry and gold clothing right now, it just seems perfect for fall!

CF: Does being on campus alter your personal style at all?

CL: I absolutely adore heels and dresses, but most of Cheney doesn't – so I would say campus style affects my personal style quite a bit. I tend to dress more more classy-casual look most of the time, verses to the nine's like I'd preffer.

How to: To get a classy-casual look like this Fashionista, get a staple pair of black skinny jeans and work to pair them with different material and colored tops.

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