As the cooler weather starts to roll in around Blacksburg, outwear is becoming more popular around campus. I spotted this Fashionista outside an on campus dining hall and her nautical blazer caught my eye. I loved how she paired a blazer with a pair of cowgirl boots and the whole look was complemented perfectly by her gold accented jewelry.

Name: Carley Frye

Major: Communication and Political Science

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What all are you wearing today?

Carley Frye: You just happened to catch me on a day where I am in one of my go-to outfits! My boots are Steve Madden, the jeans are Levis, my white tee is from T.J. Maxx and the blazer is Victoria’s Secret PINK. The best part that pulls it all together is my earrings and necklace set. The charms are themed Alice in Wonderland. I bought the set from a cute little boutique in Wytheville, VA called The Farmer’s Daughter.

CF: Is there a fashion item that you have always wanted to buy?
CF: I am blessed to own a lot of name brands, but I am still waiting on the day when I get a Chanel bag!

CF: What is your go-to staple item in your wardrobe?
CF: That is a really hard question. I would have to say that my white Ralph Lauren button-up with the black logo is my go-to piece. I can dress it up or down, so it’s perfect.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?
CF: My style changes depending on where I am going. On campus, it’s a combination of preppy and country or southern-chic. If I’m going out, I try to find a medium between classy and sexy.

CF:  Is there any celeb's wardrobe you wish you could have?
CF: I am inspired by the classics, so if I could take half of Audrey Hepburn’s wardrobe and half of Marilyn Monroe’s and put them together I would be beyond happy.

How To: This “country-chic” look is easy for the everyday Fashionista to achieve. Try pairing a classic blazer with a pair of cowgirl boots and you have already accomplished the look. Boots like these from Alloy are super affordable on a college budget. Also, try a blazer like this one from J.Crew. You can complete your look by utilizing your accessories and adding a chunky gold necklace like this Fashionista did.

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