I love boat shoes. I recently bought myself a pair of Sperry Top-Siders and I can't stop wearing them. This lovely Fashionista paired them wonderfully with black skinnies, a cropped button-up and a blazer. Not only does she look ready for class, but she could also just as easily step into an interview like this. The look comes together fabulously with her beautiful curly locks and, of course, her brown boat shoes. Her rings are the perfect accessories that add a simple girly touch to the whole look.

Name: Caroline Gill

Major: Art History

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How do you choose your day-to-day outfits?

Caroline Gill: I usually choose my day-to-day outfits based on how I feel that day, so my style changes a lot. What I wear is very important to me so I always try to put together something I'm proud of. But I think the most important thing is to wear something that you feel good in and to have fun with your clothes. I always have fun getting dressed in the morning!

CF: What inspires your fashion sense?

CG: I definitely get inspiration from older styles, like clothing from the early and mid '60s. I try to take that preppy look and combine it with more modern and urban clothing from today. I think mixing old classic looks from past decades with current day trends can look really cool.

CF: What is your favorite piece in your closet and why?

CG: My favorite pieces in my closet are definitely my blazers. I have at least seven of them in all different colors and patterns and I love the way they look. You can wear them casually over an outfit or dress them up when you're going out, but I think they look good with everything.

How To: To get Caroline's look, start with a basic pair of black legging jeans. You can choose this pair from Gap; it fits wonderfully and does wonders for your behind! Add a button-up shirt and a blazer. Finish it off with Sperry Top-Siders and add simple rings to accessorize. Love Caroline's nail polish? Take a look at this color by essie.

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