With a vintage dress and leather accessories, it was hard not to notice this Fashionista on a warm day at West Virginia University. I was especially intrigued by the print and white piping on the turquoise dress and was surprised to learn that it was found at a thrift shop, not a pricey boutique. I stopped to talk to this week’s Fashionista, Caroline, and ask her a few questions.

Name: Caroline Miskovsky

Year: Sophomore

Major: English

CollegeFashionista: Caroline, what does your day to day style consist of?

Caroline Miskovsky: I like simple, casual and classic looks that never go out of style. I currently like mixing formal pieces with dressed down looks.

CF: Where do you shop the most?

CM: J. Crew, Banana Republic, Gap and in my mom’s old clothes.

CF: What are your favorite trends right now?

CM: Specifically, riding boots and men’s button downs. It’s a really good mix of feminine and masculine.

CF: Why did you choose to wear this outfit today?

CM: It was a really good dress that I could pair well with a few different leather staples.

How To: Although Caroline's cap sleeve vintage dress is one of a kind, Piazza Sempione offers an alternative dress that has a similar feel to it. Frye is by far one of the best manufacturers for leather boots, like these shown here. David King and Company of Boston has a huge variety of leather purses, and this handbag is relatively inexpensive for leather. To finish off the outfit, look to American Eagle for a brown leather belt.

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