To me, there is almost nothing more chic than navy and white. It flatters all skin tones, hair colors, heights and body sizes. This dynamic duo goes with practically everything and anything, and it always looks fresh. This Fashionista tapped into the '70s, a trend that was huge on the runway this spring, with a wide-leg sailor pant. She tucked in a white tee that created a polished and crisp look. She paired a long gold-stranded necklace over her already chic ensemble to match the buttons on her pants as well as her gold Michael Kors flats. This look is perfect for so many occasions — from an internship to a BBQ to a luncheon. And, unlike many other outfits, navy and white not only can be worn, but looks stellar all year round.

School: Princeton University

Year: Sophomore

Major: English

CollegeFashionista: What is your Fourth of July go-to outfit?

Caroline Slutsky: Probably a sundress with cute flats and RayBan sunglasses.

CF: What are your top five items in your beach bag?

CS: iPhone with headphones, Neutrogena sunscreen SPF 30, a snack — probably an orange, a good book and sunglasses.

CF: Where are your favorite places to shop?

CS: My new favorite place is actually Forever21, because they have really good accessories that aren’t that expensive. I love my mom’s closet, ha! I like Aldo shoes a lot, Free People, and Ann Taylor — for work they have a lot of great signature staple outfits and you can sort of dress them up or down depending upon if you’re older or a younger intern like myself.

How To: Pair a white top (can be a tee or a blouse) with navy pants (can be skinny or wide-leg.) Try pairing a sky-high wedge with a wide-leg pant to achieve the illusion of legs that go on for miles.  Want to put a twist on an all-time classic?  Throw on a navy top over white jeans, and you’ve got yourself a whole new look! No white after Labor Day, says who?

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