Fashionista Carrie-Ann Dardy is strutting her fashionably business side in this look. She was power walking to her already late class when I spotted her look. Her combinations of colors and eccentric accessories make her stand out amongst the crowd.

The bright red blazer gives this look a hint of sophistication paired with a dark gray button-up skirt. Her bright yellow top and shiny little loafers makes this look fun and playful. Lastly, she is wearing a deep yellow belt, a big headband and a leopard print bow tie necklace to add some eccentricity.

Name: Carrie-Ann Dardy

Major: Music Business

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Describe your personal style?

Carrie-Ann Dardy: I always like color and hair accessories. I’m always a minimalist when it comes to jewelry and stuff like that. I also like glasses; I have, like, five pairs of glasses.

CF: How does your major (Music Business) influence your sense of fashion?

CD: For the most part it does a lot. I feel like fashion and music kind of go together… at least that’s kind of how pop culture has molded them together. For me, I always like to look nice and dress well because there are so many other possibilities in the music industry if you are well styled. You can branch out into something else, whether it is styling a shoot or styling your artist.

CF: What is your favorite season for fashion and why?

CD: I really like the fall and winter seasons because of the fall colors and I love how you can play with them and put them together. With the winter it’s all about layering; you can do even more when you layer the colors on top of each other.

CF: What trends do you see a lot on Columbia’s campus?

CD: The trends are the desert boots, the Topshop look and the simplicity of looks. Then, on the other hand, you have the group of kids that are hardcore thirsters you will never see that anywhere else but on them. That’s kind of how I am.

How To: This look can be accomplished with this deep red blazer from Urban Outfitters. For the skirt, try this gray knit pencil skirt at Forever 21. The yellow top can be mimicked with this one also from Forever 21. Lastly, for the shoes, try these glitter TOMS.

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