Today’s Fashionista Cassi Scott was ready for the bitter temperatures that hit Chicago this early morning. While on her way to work on her thesis for fashion design I spotted her bright pink tights and black tie up flats. To beat the low temperatures she has a pink knitted hat and a black pea coat to keep her warm. Underneath her coat, she is wearing a blue shirt and a grey wool skirt.

Name: Cassi Scott

Major: Fashion Design

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What do you do with fashion design?

Cassi Scott: I like the idea of starting my own company. I’ve been really getting into patterns so I’d like to get into a pattern making company after graduation. I will do patterns for designers and work my way up.

CF: How did you get into fashion design?

CS: It was actually a last minute thing. My major was interior design but I switch right before I came to school. Fashion was always like my fall back career. I’ve always loved fashion; I love making my own stuff.

CF: Describe your personal style?

CS: Right now I am designing a line based around the ‘60s, I’m getting really involved with the mod ‘60s look and Twiggy. I’m into the full skirts and floral patterns.

CF: How do you stay fashionable in Chicago’s weather?

CS: People think I’m crazy because I don’t wear jeans a lot in this weather. I usually stick with tights. I always have on leg warmers too.

CF: What is you favorite accessory to wear during this time of the year?

CS: I like to wear scarfs a lot. For me, I love the cold weather because it adds a layer. With summer everything is just one layer. In this season it adds three dimensions because of the different layer of clothes.

How To: For this simply chic look one you could begin with some of these funky colored tights featured at Forever 21. There are also these cool designs like lace also at Forever 21. This skirt at Urban Outfitters is perfect to accomplish this look. For the blue patterned top here is a great silk blouse at Topshop to make the outfit a bit more sophisticated. Lastly to complete the look try these blue snake skin ballet flats by Steve Madden.

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