This week's Fashionista turns past inspiration into a contemporary statement by transforming vintage finds into trending treasures. Sophomore Catherine Amato looks to thrift stores and old images to guide her styling imagination. Her one-of-a-kind statement pieces matched with a knack for clean and contemporary appeal, Amato's smorgasbord of style is certainly inimitable.

This week, Amato pairs a whimsical maxi skirt with a feminine cream camisole. Turning attention to her statement of color, her punch of lime green transforms her white-on-white combination into a vivid vision of playful elegance.

Name: Catherine Amato

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing

CollegeFashionista: If you had to whittle down your wardrobe to five items what would they be?

Catherine Amato: My black fur coat, my Jeffrey Campbell american flag pumps, a vintage beaded jacket, my velvet long sleeve maxi and leopard flats.

CF: Where do you typically look to for style inspiration?

CA: I look at a lot of old images. I like going thrifting for inspiration too. I definitely go on WGSN a lot as well as just looking at what those around me are wearing too.

CF: Is there a trend you're dying to try this season?

CA: The baroque.

CF: What aspects of your personality are reflected in the way you dress?

CA: My craziness. Completely loud and talkative; just crazy.

CF: If you had to describe your style in three words what would they be?

CA: Risky, fun, innovative.

How To: Get this Fashionista's look by pairing a basic tank or tee with a bright maxi skirt. To add an ever bigger punch of personality, try pairing a simple silk tee with a bold print or pattern.

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