From the ‘20s with the flapper, to Christian Dior’s New Look of the ‘40s, to the ‘60s and the mini skirt, to the wacky ’80s – every decade has its own merit in the history of fashion. We are so lucky to live in this era of fashion exploration, where you can find every style in every corner and you’re free to experiment with each look. I instantly fell in love with this Fashionista I spotted outside the library. Fashionistas, it’s time go back to the ‘50s!

Name: Celia Roberts

Year: Second

Major: English and History

CollegeFashionista: I love your ‘50s style! Can you tell me why you chose this style?

Celia Roberts: I like it because the ‘50s style was filled with glamour. It’s just really classy. I think this era is “the one."

CF: And let me guess, your fashion icon is Dita von Teese, am I right?

CR: Absolutely! She has brought the '50s back! Lovin’ her style.

CF: The spring is coming, any new look you’d like to incorporate into your style?

CR: I’d like to try nautical, without leaving this classic look. So, it would be the ‘40s nautical, with buttons and all that.

How To: The 1950s were still so much influenced by the New Look of the 1940s, therefore fitted suits for women are still considered as the ‘it’ item for this era. I recommend this vintage Vivienne Westwood blazer and this Topshop pencil skirt for a ‘50s go to outfit. I personally love Celia’s oxfords and I found these pair from Zappos, definitely worth checking them out! For the handbag, my choice would be this Croc case bag from Urban Outfitters. 1950s is not complete yet without the pin-up makeup, so check this video for tutorial!

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