Claude Monet’s masterpiece entitled “The Artist’s Garden of Giverny” resonates in the outfit of this week’s Fashionista. I was literally a mile away when the purple print skirt caught my eye. From a far, the floral motif is clearly seen but, at a closer view, the print doesn’t make sense at all — like all of Monet’s paintings. This week’s Fashionista took an interesting piece and worked her outfit around it. The print on the skirt adds an interesting element to the ensemble. The focal point of this outfit is the pleated skirt which was paired with a light green polo and a pair of purple pumps to match. To give the outfit a touch of edge, accessories — like the vintage rings, the beaded necklace, the clear strap watch and the grey chain strap bag — were added to accentuate the ensemble. Take it from this week’s Fashionista, pick an eye-catching piece and build the outfit around that one piece. You will surely stand out.

Name: Chari Trinidad

Year: Junior

Major: Bachelor of Science in Management, Major in Communications Technology

CollegeFashionista: What inspired your outfit for the day?

Chari Trinidad: I guess my mom inspired my outfit because she likes those polo tops. I made it more modern and edgy with the accessories and colored purple skirt

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

CT: My style’s very moody. Sometimes I dress up girly, sometimes all bad ass. My style’s quite flexible

CF: Where do you shop?

CT: The stores I’m sure to get fab finds are Topshop and Zara. I also like The Ramp.

How To: To reproduce this eye-catching look, shop for unique pieces, like this exotic print skirt from bebe or this multicolor bubble skirt from Neiman Marcus and build your outfit around its uniqueness. If you’re not into skirts, venture into different aspects of an outfit like the accessories. Go with big and bold pieces like this tassel and chain drop necklace from ZOO, this black and gold layered necklace or this beauty chain necklace, both from The pieces are, in itself, bold choices so be careful with the other pieces you wear with these eye-catching pieces. You don’t want to end up looking over the top.

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