Rules are important, but in fashion, break them all and do what feels right! I found this Fashionista casually walking through Washington Square Park, sporting all fall colors and I basically ran after her. I've been looking for the right pair of Oxfords for years; this Fashionista's flowery pair pushed me over the edge and I'm now determined to buy some before the end of the summer. This is the kind of Fashionista I strive to be: a girl that can wear anything and inspire anyone without much effort. 

Her outfit is perfect for a stroll through the city or a cup of tea with a friend. It's also super reminiscent of the fall and I love that! I adore fall colors and I think it's such a shame we don't wear them year-round. 

Name: Charlotte Vinson

Major: Psychology, Africana Studies and Latina/o Studies minor

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Where do you get inspiration for your fashion?

Charlotte Vinson: I love street style. I love seeing how people put different items together in ways that you wouldn't necessarily expect, which has inspired me to experiment more with my own wardrobe. I also feel that my wardrobe itself is what drives how I put my outfits together. When I go shopping, I gravitate towards pieces that have something special about them, or are kind of different and sometimes even crazy. Then when I wake up in the morning, I see what distinctive item is catching my attention at the moment and figure out how to put it with other things to create something interesting yet comfortable. Today, it was my midi skirt.

CF: What trends do you like the most this summer?

CV: Well, I don't know if I know what exactly is on-trend since I just look at clothes and determine whether or not I want to wear them and if I can work them with what I already have, but I do really like color blocking, as well as crazy prints. And I see a lot of loose-fitting things which I have been a fan of for a while, especially this summer since it has been pretty blazing outside!

CF: What music have you been listening to lately?

CV: Kingdoms by Fort Romeau and Cornerstone by Hillsong were recent album purchases that I am so glad I made. I have also really been digging jazz and big band lately. My Dave Brubeck station on Pandora is my new favorite!

CF: Where do you find college-friendly fashion?

CV: Someplace cheap! Forever 21 and H&M are pretty standard for me. Spending the summer in NYC has made me fall in love with Uniqlo, too. The sale rack in most places is my home away from home, but thrift stores and tag sales are hands-down the best!

How To: For this flirty school girl outfit, start with a simple tee and add a high-waisted midi skirt. Grab a light cardigan and for some flower power, strap on this pair of fun footwear. Accessorize with a cute belt and a cross-body bag like this one. I love this Fashionista's pair of sunglasses — cateyes are very in this season. Check out this pair to add to your outfit.

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