I don't have class on Tuesdays, so I was lazily people-watching on the quad when I spotted this week’s Fashionista. The dress! That necklace! Those boots! I loved the breezy sophistication of her look. The sleeves and swing of the dress mirror the 1970s trend seen on the fall 2011 runways of Gucci and Marc by Marc Jacobs, while the burgundy color is beautiful for fall. I caught Chelsea on her way to an interview so I was fortunate that she agreed to stop and chat with me.

Name: Chelsea Lee

Major: Undecided as of now, but declaring a Communications major

Year: Sophomore

College Fashionista: How would you describe your style?

Chelsea Lee: I always think about how I'd describe my style but I can never figure out a defining style to how I dress. I usually buy pieces I like (or make my own shirts), dress according to how I'm feeling and just make it work somehow. But if I'd have to describe it, I'd say it's bohemian rock.

CF: What accessory can you not live without?

CL: I always love a girl with an oversized watch and layered bracelets and of course a fabulous pair of shoes. I think that even if you're going to the gym, a watch and bracelets can elevate your look without it looking like you put effort into the outfit. Shoes are my guilty pleasure; I think shoes can make or break a look. I always try to find a great statement shoe and try to wear it in as many ways as possible. Like my studded boots, I'll wear them with jean shorts to go run errands or I'll wear them with a nicer dress to go. I love versatility in shoes.

CF: How did you decide on your outfit?

CL: I had a job interview and I knew it was more of an informal setting. I opted for a nicer dress to show that I took it seriously but paired it with the studded boots instead of heels to create a more casual vibe. I always love darker reds with gold, which is why I chose the long, gold, peacock feather necklace so the dress didn't look as simple. I chose cat-eyed sunglasses because there's only so many more days of sunshine!

How To: Obviously how you dress depends upon for what job you’re applying. Chelsea was able to create a put-together look for her interview that was infused with personal style. For this chic 1970s inspired style throw on an airy, sleeved dress in a jewel tone. Pile on boho jewelry and don’t forget the rocker edgestudded shoes are having a moment!

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