There are always those mornings when getting dressed feels like an Olympic sport. For those events, I present to you the romper. It is the perfect solution as there is no fuss about how to match your top half with your bottom half. It’s a one-stop, fool-proof way to looking and feeling great in the summertime. I saw this Fashionista heading to the library during finals week — although you’d never guess that based on her pulled-together look. A floral Millau romper with a cute collar was the perfect choice for a day on the go. Deep blue lace-up shoes and a geode necklace kept the outfit rockin’ (literally!) and maintained a fresh and feminine look.

Name: Chelsey d’Adesky

Major: Journalism and Mass Communications

Year:  Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Where are some of your favorite places to shop, and why?

Chelsey d’Adesky: I really like Brandy Melville and LF, pretty much anywhere that has nice clothes that are both cute and casual.

CF: How did you decide what to wear this morning?

CA: It was a beautiful day outside, so I decided to go with something colorful and light.

CF: What is your best advice for dressing for the summer?

CA: Take advantage of the beautiful weather, keep it light and chill. Don't be afraid to show some skin!

How To: Since rompers are essentially the entirety of your outfit, don’t be afraid to pick a bolder color or print. Depending on the fit, rompers can be somewhat shapeless, so add a belt like this Fashionista did to make it form fitting. Let your accessories be accents to the colors that are in the romper to create a sense of cohesiveness within your ensemble. Keeping your outfit colorful is also a great way to keep it looking summery. Try a colored oxford instead of the typical go-to sandals. Adding a trendy geode necklace is the perfect finishing touch!

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