Today’s Fashionista is a blue jean queen. I spied with my little fashion eyes Chelsi Johnson who was too cool for school in classic all American denim. Her overall look is boyish but she adds a hint of femininity with her necklace and light makeup. Blue denim is a trend that will never fade and it’s always evolving. The list for denim seems infinite as you have the populars — jeans and jackets — but there are also skirts, hats and, my personal favorite, blue jean shirts.

This Fashionista opted for a light blue jean jacket that we’ve all been dying to get our hands on and classic skinnies that we can’t get enough of. Her black shoes gives a rugged allure that almost always follows when paired with blue jeans.

Name: Chelsi Johnson

Year: Sophomore

Major: Advertisement 

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

Chelsi Johnson: I’m not sure. I usually just like to wear what’s comfortable. What I think looks good may not look good to everyone.

CF: What is your favorite season for fashion and why?

CJ: Fall. Fall and winter I like the entire weather. I love sweaters and I even wear pants in the summertime. I don’t like shorts or anything. I like boots: boots are my favorite, all the different kinds of boots.

CF: Who would you consider to be a Fashionista and why?

CJ: Edie Sedgwick, because she kind of started the whole trend of wearing leggings as pants. A lot of people will wear leggings with longer shirts. She kind of started that.

CF: How has Chicago influenced the way you dress?

CJ: I think it has, actually my grandma likes to buy me things that are city chic and I usually like them.

How To: The look worn by today's Fashionista can be accomplished by anyone. For a jean jacket with a feminine twist try this jacket at Urban Outfitters. Skinnies for the past few seasons have been the must-have trend but for a different look here is a denim skirt from the British invasion, Topshop. To complete your look, Steve Madden has a pair of the popular combat boots to add a rugged edge.

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