The DKNY fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection spotlights the edgy-basic trend that is spreading around college campuses faster than a plague. The runway started with black monochromatic looks with silhouettes that deceivingly looked familiar yet had a new flair. Donna Karan used leather and animal prints to bring an unexpected twist to the modern woman’s everyday ensemble.

Fashionista ChiChi Zhong brought Donna Karan’s vision to life with her casual, detailed look. She juxtaposed the outfit’s simpleness, seen in the dark color palette and knit materials, with complex, edgy details. The exposed back and bare legs peek-a-booing behind the long fringe added just the right amount of sexiness. And what Fashionista doesn’t want that? 

Name: ChiChi Zhong

Major: Business Administration

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

ChiChi Zhong: I don’t have a certain style, I just want to wear something different from others.

CF: Where do you normally shop?

CZ: Saks Fifth Avenue, but my outfit today is from Zara.

CF: What is your big fashion “don’t”?

CZ: I don’t really like suits, I like to stick to comfortable clothing. A lot of my friends dress very formal, but I do not like to.

CF: What is your stance on high heels to class, since you are wearing them?

CZ: Ever since I came to the United States I have gained some weight, so high heels help make my legs look longer and leaner. Also, my boyfriend is tall. I say yes to high heels.

CF: How would you say your style has changed since you came to the United States?

CZ: Since I have come here, my style is more casual. I learn a lot from Americans, I love their style so I have added it to mine a little bit.

How To: To get this not-so-basic look, start with a great fringe skirt and a missing-back tee. Then, add some edgy ribbon wedges and minimal accessories. You can also add edge to a basic look by incorporating small grunge, boho and sporty elements into your look. Experiment away!

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