What better place to scout out a Boston Fashionista than the famous Newbury Street (on Labor Day, nonetheless)? Our version of Fifth Avenue was full of shoppers reveling in their discounted finds and white denim. Setting this holiday’s longstanding fashion debate aside, I decided to find some true street style. While in Urban Outfitters, I was drawn to this Fashionista’s worn-in black combat boots. These boots alone just ooze one of fall’s hottest trends, ‘90s grunge. Just take a look at how Chanel’s Ready-to-Wear collection is able to “Smell Like Teen Spirit” with a plethora of leather, lace-up boots, and dark knits. This Fashionista plans to effortlessly ease into fall in her beloved leather boots and unique urban, grunge style. 


Name: Chloe Ellison


Major: International Relations


Year: Freshman


CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?


Chloe Ellison: I would describe my style as a mix of urban, boutique, and punk life. 


CF: What inspires your style?


CE: I’m inspired by “free spirit.” The places that inspire me are Boston and New York City. 


CF: What is your favorite part of your outfit? 


CE: My boots. I got them from Zappos and they are made by Steve Madden. I bought them in the beginning of the summer, but I wear them almost everyday. I wear them mostly with shorts or this body-con navy blue dress that I have. 


CF: What are you looking forward to wearing this semester? 


CE: I’m looking forward to wearing really big warm, comfy sweaters and boots (of course)! I’m 5’11’’ and I just bought my first pair of heels two weeks ago. I’ve practiced walking in them a lot. I’m definitely excited to wear those. 


How To: To pull off this Fashionista’s look at the tail end of summer, find a great pair of black leather boots such as these by Diba. Pair the boots with a graphic tee similar to her OMNIPEACE shirt (which she cut at the collar for a more comfortable fit). Add a pair of light-wash denim shorts and accessorize with a leather crossbody bag, a belt, this summer’s friendship bracelets, and other personal pieces. Remember that those classic Dr. Martens and all combat boots alike can be worn with virtually anything. From summery minidresses to chambrays and colored jeans, combat boots are the “must-have” for an instant city vibe this semester. 

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