As I was walking around campus, this Fashionista's backpack made me turn around once more. I had to stop her for a closer look. When I was snapping a picture, I realized that the backpack's brand was The North Face, something that totally took me by surprise. The Fashionista explained to me that the purple label of The North Face on her backpack represents the limited edition items made in Japan. I absolutely enjoyed her casual look while I also obtained an interesting fashion tip!

Name: Christal Yuen

Major: Film and English

Year: Senior

College Fashionista: You said you went to Japan, how was the fashion life there like compared to the States?

Christal Yuen: People in Japan definitely dress more unique and more of what they want. Everything's brighter there as well. They use a lot of texture in their fashion, like they're really into frills and laces. But people in the States tend to wear the same things.

CF: How do you decide what to wear every morning?

CY: I wear whatever's comfortable. Unlike most students at our school, I never check the weather outside so I either always under-dress or overdress. But I guess in my case, I'm usually overdressing.

CF: What are you excited to wear this summer?

CY: Skirts, flowy skirts and flip-flops, of course.

How To: Backpacks have been extremely popular lately around campus and even outside of campus. But I'm not talking about our usual, boring Jansport backpacks; I'm talking about those with bright colors and attention-grabbing patterns. The floral pattern has been widely worn, for example, we can see another Fashionista from Ohio State University sporting one also. Urban Outfitters have a great deal of cute and distinct backpacks, like this one or this Jeffrey Campbell's design backpack. These trendsetting backpacks are the absolute bags college Fashionistas can carry for both convenience and style. So what are you waiting for!

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