With a thriving art and live music scene, Bloomington is a swell place to spend a summer. One of the only downsides is how absolutely hot it gets, but I spotted this Fashionista wearing one of my favorite summer outfits: the sundress. It's always a feminine look that you can rock to combat the heat on a nice day, and snazzy enough to take it out at night as well. I stopped to talk to Claire and found that she has perfected her unique style. 

Name: Claire Rosenbalm 

Year: Senior 

Major: Religious Studies and Italian

CollegeFashionista: What summer trend are you excited to show off?

Claire Rosenbalm: Well, I wear a lot of rompers. Mostly because they're so easy and they're all in one piece, but I love how they look as well. 

CF: What inspires your fashion sense?

CR: Honestly, my friends. They're all very stylish so I copy and steal trends from them a lot. 

CF: Have you taken any style risks recently?

CR: I recently shaved my head! That was a big risk. Also, I love to wear lipstick, and have been known to rock the black lipstick, too. 

How To: To take Claire's advice and emulate a new friend's look, take a look at this sundress from Anthropologie. Her coral sandals are also a color we saw a lot on the spring 2011 runways, such as Jil Sander's Milan Fashion Week show, and accent her floral dress wonderfully. Her recommendation for black lipstick is this Lime Crime Styletto Black Lipstick. Claire is wearing short pixie-cut hair for the summer after her bold shaved head style, a cut that many are daringly trying nowadays, including a personal style icon of mine, Keira Knightley. Claire polishes off her look with her own version of the trinket necklace (where she cleverly keeps her keys!), which could be easily made from a chain found at an antique store and keys of your choice. 

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