Denim, print, and maxi are three key words to know for spring dressing. Enter the moto denim vest, an edgier alternative to a denim jacket. Leopard was the “it” print of fall season, and layered over her black maxi dress, it makes a transiton into a spring wardrobe. A casual boho-chic style is what comes to mind when looking at this Fashionista’s attire to class. 

Name: Cori Depue

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communication Studies

CollegeFashionista: You mentioned you were from California, what differences do you see in California-style dressing versus Iowa?

Cori Depue: Californians seem to be much more creative, and much more accepting of fashion and dressing differently, than those in Iowa. When I'm walking around in places at home, I feel like I blend in a little bit more because others are usually rockin' their own unique style, too. In Iowa City, a lot of people seem to dress much less risky and very similar to one another, so I feel like I'm the oddball a lot of the time.

CF: Which three designers work do you admire?

CD: I love Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's line, Elizabeth and James. They take timeless pieces, like an LBD or a white button down, and add a twist to every item to make it unique and funky. I also really admire Italian designer, Miuccia Prada, particularly her Miu Miu label. Her handbags and shoes, especially, are to die for. And I also really adore Marc Jacobs, in particular his sunglasses and accessories – especially his watches.

CF: Which spring trend are you excited to break out?

CD: I am very excited for prints this spring – floral, stripes, animal prints, etc., and now that it's finally getting warmer, I’m excited to wear high-waisted shorts and flats again!

How To: I found it very interesting when Cori described the differences of style in California and Iowa City, and I happen to feel the same way. Sometimes women get too caught up in what other people think of their outfit. This is when Fashionistas are not reaching their full potential in addressing their style; fashion is about taking a chance and experimenting. A blogger that comes to mind in accomplishing this is, The Man Repeller, this blogger dresses to impress herself and no one else. All Fashionista/o’s should follow in Cori and The Man Repeller’s lead to expressing your own individual style without fear. 

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