There is something so timeless about a cardigan. It’s versatility lends itself to its ability to go from season to season, all the while remaining a staple in the wardrobe. I didn’t stop this Fashionista for her cutting edge style; instead, what caught my eye was the way she belted her cardigan showing off her shape. It’s easy to get lost in the oversized trends these days, from the sunglasses that hide your face to maxi dresses that engulf the petite. This Fashionista effortlessly showcased her slender waist in a casual and completely versatile outfit.

Name: Courtney Thier

Major: Environmental Engineering

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: Who inspires your style?

Courtney Thier: My style is inspired mostly by friends. I like to gain ideas from people who I admire, not to mention I love the way they dress!

CF: How would your friends describe your style?

CT: My friends would say I like to dress with a fun and creative style, always loving to accessorize.

CF: What is your go-to outfit?

CT: My favorite outfit has to be my favorite jeans with a fitted top and a pair of cute flip flops. Then I can always dress it up with some jewelry to fit the occasion.

CF: Now that you just finished freshman year, do you believe your style evolved at school?

CT: Yes definitely, because I am constantly influenced by seeing how people dress and finding ways to dress appropriately for the weather.

CF: What are you looking forward to wearing this summer?

CT: I am definitely looking forward to wearing colorful sundresses. They are cute and you can wear them anywhere.

How To: To achieve this look, look for a cardigan that pops! Also look for one without buttons that can easily be belted. The next step is to find the perfect belt that can highlight your waist. Look for one on the thinner side in the color of your choosing. Slip into some shorts and sandals to complete the look.

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