Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream may be full of fairies, fantasy and love potions, but it is also filled with tragedy, love triangles and overall mischief (as is expected in a Shakespearian work). It is the collision between fantasy and reality and the ironic personalities of the characters that makes the play so fashionable and relatable today (anybody remember Get Over It? If you don’t, watch it).

As I imagine what Hermia would look like today, I would like to think she would be dressed like this week’s Fashionista, Cristal Veras. She may not have been skipping through an Athenian forest, but Cristal still looked ethereal in a fragile, flower-adorned white dress while watching a street performer in Washington Square Park. White is traditionally symbolic of purity, but Cristal showed that she wasn’t completely innocent by throwing on a pair of worn-in combat boots. Oh how I love fashion paradoxes.

Name: Cristal Veras

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are three words that you would use to describe your style?

Cristal Veras: Girly, casual and playful.

CF: How does the style out here in New York differ from that in your native Dominican Republic?

CV: It’s very different. We actually don’t have any type of style over there. It’s just whatever you can get, yeah (laughs). We usually take styles from everywhere else; we don’t have a style of our own.

CF: Do you like to follow trends or do you like to set your own?

CV: I like to follow them to some extent, but I always put my own touch on them. My favorite trend for this summer is white, as you can see.

CF: How do your fellow students dress on campus?

CV: People dress very differently because you have people from all over the world, so there’s nothing specific. We have a lot of Dominicans, so mostly jeans, casual sneakers, nothing too crazy.

CF: And how do you like to dress for class?

CV: I dress up most of the time. I like to dress comfortable most of the time, but I always dress up at the same time. It personally helps me with my self-esteem and how I feel. If you look pretty and dress up, you feel a lot better about yourself as opposed to when you’re just wearing regular clothes.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?

CV: Magazines, TV, wherever. Sometimes I see people on the streets or on the train and I add my own style to their looks. My favorite magazine is the New York Times. I like Bill Cunningham’s work.

How To: For your own modern Midsummer Night’s Dream rock look, combine a delicate white dress with a pair of worn-in combat boots. Accessorize a brown leather satchel with statement-making pins that show your love for “the Earth and all living creatures.” Now go find some summer romance and frolic in your nearest meadow.

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