It’s finally that time of the year again. Spring has finally sprung, so you can kiss your trench coat goodbye for the moment, and greet your shiny new maxi skirt. This season, it’s not just the flowers that are blooming. While trends for the sunny times generally consist of short shorts, tank tops and flip flops, it’s nice to see Fashionistas busting out atypical ensembles. I mean really, why wear a strapless floral dress when you can man repel your way through campus wearing Alexander Wang’s Extreme Cat Eye Sunglasses? Spring is all about prints and neon and anything resembling the ‘70s. When I spotted this Fashionista, I don’t know if it was her studded bag or her lace-up wedges that lured me into taking a picture of her. I just knew she was worth being 10 minutes late to my philosophy class.

Name: Cristhian Ainslie

Year: Senior 

Major: Linguistics

CollegeFashionista: Who’s your fashion inspiration?

Cristhian Ainslie: It’s kind of funny because people tell me I dress like Taylor Momsen, but I’ve never followed her as inspiration. I do like her boldness and carelessness; I think we share that. I also love Kaya Scodelario as Effy Stonem. Both girls have the same kind of look. I just think they’re awesome.

CF: What’s your favorite part of your outfit?

CA: My duffle bag. It’s like my backpack. I’m literally carrying all my books and stuff. I love the studs on it. They resemble my style.

CF: How would you describe your style?

CA: I can’t really describe it. I kind of just wear what I want and like. I hate using the word “edgy,” but if you have to label it, I guess you could say that.

CF: What’s your fashion advice to UCI students?

CA: “Everybody dances to their own boom boom.” Just be you.

How To: Wearing black and studs isn’t just a trend for fall or winter. (I absolutely refuse to believe otherwise!) It can look chunky or out of place when done wrong, but if paired with denim shorts like this Fashionista did, it’s a breath of fresh air. Speaking of fresh, don’t you ever feel like your booties make your feet feel like you're inside an oven, but your flip flops or sandals are just ruining your whole outfit? These lace up wedges do the trick perfectly to maintain your chicness and stay cool, the best of both worlds. Even if you do prefer comfort over fashion when in school, these wedges won’t make it impossible for you to walk around campus.

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