FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT: Crystal-Angelee Burrell

I simply cannot seem to get Paris out of my head. With the designer collections that recently debuted at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week still encapsulating my mind, I have been craving a little bit of Paris and, in effect, gorging on macaroons. Just when I was contemplating an impromptu trip to the “fashion capital of the world,” I spotted Fashionista Crystal-Angelee Burrell. It was then that I realized I did not need to deplete my bank account, I could simply bring a little bit of Paris to Boston through the magic of fashion.

When you think of Parisian fashion, you may still be imagining the delicate ruffles and floral appliqués from the Chanel spring 2012 ready-to-wear show. Yes, Chanel is a major force of inspiration for Parisians, but dressing like a Parisian is a tad different from what is displayed on the runway.

Parisian-chic is in the simplicity, so make sure you keep the look as minimal as possible, but also make sure the look is tailored and features exquisite details. To master the Parisian-chic look, start with a beautifully tailored black jacket. I know that many of you would reach for a beret, but switch things up with a cute bowler hat similar to the one on Crystal-Angelee. If you want to keep a little bit of Americana in the look, stick with a pair of denim jeans instead of Parisian tailored pants.

Name: Crystal-Angelee Burrell

Major: CAS/CFA

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What are your go-to stores?

Crystal-Angelee Burrell: Almost everything I own is from H&M and Express, but mostly H&M.

CF: What would you say your fashion philosophy is?

CB: I would say I’m not so much concerned about what other people are wearing, but what I feel my best in.

CF: Do you believe your style has changed since coming to BU?

CB: No, but at BU people are always asking what I’m wearing or saying, “Where do you get this?” People think I dress up a lot, but it’s just my style.

CF: What is the style like in your native Brooklyn?

CB: Very eclectic. Anything goes really –– that’s the beauty of it.

CF: What do you consider your staple items?

CB: A good scarf. I have tons of scarves because I feel like it pulls together a simple outfit and keeps you nice and warm. And recently, I’ve gotten into hats so I have been building up my collection.

How To:  To incorporate an air of Paris into your look, start with a beautifully detailed black jacket. Rock a red bowler hat over your tresses for a pop of color. Imagine you are having a springtime picnic in front of the Tour d’Eiffel and wear a cashmere-blended floral scarf. Add a bit of flash to this look and accessorize with an oversized horn watch and a Chanel-inspired quilted leather chain strap bag. And be sure to wear an understated leather shoe. In terms of beauty, be confident and wear a red lip with minimal eye makeup. Immédiat élégance!

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