This week's Fashionista is bringing us back not just a couple of years ago, but decades! With her vintage inspired lifestyle, she is able to scout out amazing pieces from the past, and be able to pull it off with out it looking too much like a costume.

With Chicago's weather, we have been graced with spring temperatures in January, so it has been a delight being able to see outfits that aren't covered with layers. On this sunny day, this Fashionista decided to take a stroll in a very old-fashioned sophisticated yet angelic ensemble. With her navy pencil skirt, creme lace blouse, grey tights, it gave a nice color pallet to look at because its usually one you do not see. Her detailed navy flats and the buttons on her top are what really caught my eye; with all the intricate details, she was able to walk around the streets of Chicago in style.

Here's how this Fashionista gets inspired for her old-time outfits.

Name: Dani Beutell

Major: Costume Design

Year: Sophomore

College Fashionista: What would you say sums up your personal style is in one word? Explain why.

Dani Beutell: Vintage. I love wearing clothes from the 1940's and the 1950's; there's a classic elegance about the way women dressed in the past.

CF: What inspired you to dress the way you did today?

DB: I watched “How to Succeed in Business With Out Even Trying” last night, and all the secretaries were wearing cute blouses with pencil skirts! As a costume design student, movies are really influential for me for how I dress.

CF: What is your favorite trend from the past and why?

DB: The shirt waist dress because it instantly shrinks your waist and looks put together for almost any occasion. 

CF: What is your favorite vintage item that you own?


DB: My 1920s Italian Cameo earrings. They were my great grandmother's earrings that I got for Christmas this year, so I feel like its a vintage item that is personal to me because I can share the story of where it came from.

How To: To get similar looks like Dani's vintage inspired outfit, Banana Republic has a great selection of lace tops and pencil skirts.

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