If your Facebook newsfeed didn’t already alert you, I am here to tell you that the Carolina Cup is not a horserace. The Carolina Cup is a darty (day party), where there happen to be some horses. It is attended by college students from every Southern school, and if you don’t wear Lilly Pulitzer, you don’t go.This uber-preppy social function took place this past weekend, and after careful Facebook “investigation,” I seem to have come down with a case of pink and green colorblindness. This probably explains why I spotted this Fashionista. Her neutral outfit lends itself to accessories, especially the pink and green kind.

Name: Dani Washington

Major: Advertising

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What does style mean to you?

Dani Washington: Style is something very personal to me. It's about how you feel about yourself on a particular day and how you want to be perceived in that moment.

CF: What are your three favorite spring trends?

DW: I am loving the futuristic prints! And if done correctly, peplum dresses and skirts are amazing and flattering for anyone. The tangerine hues that were seen at Fashion Week are also beautiful on anyone.

CF: Do you have a style icon?

DW: I can't choose just one. So here's two: Bianca Jagger and Victoria Beckham.

How To: While Lilly Pulitzer is fitting for the Carolina Cup, it really can’t be worn on a day-to-day basis. The subtlety of this Fashionista’s pink and green color palette is perfect for everyday and can easily be replicated. Start with simple basics like a maxi skirt, T-shirt and sandals. Now, the fun part: accessorizing! Add a funky green scarf and blush colored bag — an outfit perfect for any darty!

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