Strolling through campus this week on the prowl for my latest Fashionista, I know that with the first week of the study month is full swing I am going to have the odds against me. One glance around campus is enough to inform me that while the majority of students will be locked up in the library, the stress of the month that is in it has brought out far too many of the tracksuit-and-Uggs brigade. However, I am in no way discouraged, as I know that UCC will always turn up a gem. And I am so right this time.

The only way to describe this week’s FASHIONISTA SPOTLIGHT, with her funky auburn locks and unique look, is as a vintage queen. Donning a pair of camel leather leggings, a light brown sheepskin overcoat and some seriously stylish tortoise print sunglasses, a more eclectic look I have not met throughout my entire time as a Style Guru. She champions the vintage cause, informing me when I compliment her gorgeous brown weekender bag that it cost her a mere few euro in a charity shop, which is also where her favourite overcoat is from. She strikes a balance between dressing to suit her colouring, expressing her artistic side and capturing the perfect retro look from her favourite fashion era, proving her style tip right — never be afraid to have fun with fashion.

Name: Danielle Callaghan

Major: Masters in Contemporary Religions

Year: One

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Danielle Callaghan: My style is quite random and unique – I like to experiment and put  random things together. I wear a lot of vintage, and I love leather and tailoring. There would be big ‘60s and ‘70s influences in my style also. 

CF: From whom or where do you draw your fashion inspiration?

DC: I have to say my older sister. She has the nicest clothes and she is crazy with her style. While I don’t have a particular icon, anyone who dressed well from the ‘60s or the ‘70s eras would be inspiring to me.

CF: Could you talk a little bit about today’s outfit and why you chose it?

DC: This jacket is like my second skin, I love it and I always wear it. I chose these brown leather leggings because I just adore leather. Then I chose this robot graphic T-shirt because it is new and I felt like wearing something new today.

CF: If there was one item of clothing or accessory you could not live without, what would it be and why?

DC: This coat that I am wearing. I bought it at a charity shop a while back and I always get cold so it keeps me warm!

CF: What tip would you give for shopping vintage?

DC: Always make sure the thing actually fits, always try it on first. You could find something amazing but if it doesn’t fit you, it is not really a bargain or a good find. 

CF: Do you have a particular style tip that you would like to pass on to CollegeFashionistas everywhere?

DC: don’t be afraid to play around with fashion, to experiment and have fun.

How To: While many of this Fashionista’s pieces are vintage treasures, you can easily emulate her eclectic and funky look with garments from the high street. I love how she has diverted away from the safety of the black legging with this brown leather pair to make a unique fashion statement. Steal her style with these brown leggings from River Island and opt for the rolled-up ankle she has chosen. If, like today’s Fashionista, you are prone to the chill of the April showers, opt for this stunning chestnut brown sheepskin coat from ASOS to act as the focal point of your look. While her oversized bag cost her a mere few euro in a charity shop, a Batchel bag from the Cambridge Satchel Company is a dead ringer for hers and will prove valuable investment for your wardrobe. Throw on a pair of retro tortoise print sunglasses to add some '70s cool and complete the look.

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