This week’s Fashionista was spotted outside the library on her way to an afternoon study session. With class all day, she proves that comfortable clothing can also be cute and stylish. Danielle combines two popular trends — layers and leggings — which give her a cool and casual look without feeling underdressed.

Name: Danielle Chou

Year: Junior

Major: Anthropology and Human Biology

CollegeFashionista: When you are running late or on the go, what is your go-to outfit that requires very little effort to assemble, but still makes you look put together?

Danielle Chou: Recently I’ve been wearing lululemon leggings, combat boots and a long sleeve chambray (those J.Crew denim shirts). It makes me look sort of put together? Hopefully?

CF: Have you seen anyone around campus wearing something lately that you wish you had?

DC: Definitely wrap around watches!

CF: Being from California, do you feel that the East coast vs. West Coast divide applies to the way college students dress?

DC: Overall, I think there’s definitely a difference! I had never even heard of having to dress for the seasons until I got to Emory. I thought shorts and flip flops in December were totally normal if it was 70 degrees out. We also lose a lot of the surfer/skater look on the East Coast, but it’s way preppier out here. I am proud to say I purchased my first pair of Sperry’s after my first semester at Emory.

CF: Is there anything in particular on your Spring Break shopping list?

DC: Bright/neon-colored shorts!

How To: Although leggings have gotten a bad reputation lately, if worn correctly they can be both stylish and comfortable. It is crucial to choose leggings that are completely opaque to avoid any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Danielle chose a lululemon pair that are full length and look great with her biker-style leather boots. To dress up your favorite pair of leggings, add layers with a cute top and a long cardigan. As always, accessorizing with a long necklace and a bold watch or bangle is an easy way to add some flair to your everyday outfits!

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