Today’s Fashionista, Danielle Filosa, is a thrifting queen. She was chilling outside a campus building on a sunny Chicago afternoon when I spotted her. Her outfit has a vintage charm and the uniqueness is what’s most captivating about the outfit. The plaid dress is truly one of a kind and has an unfinished look to it that works well. She throws a sleek, deep red blazer over her dress that adds a classic look, making her too cool for school. To finish the look, she has on some black booties that she found in a thrift store for only two dollars.

Name: Danielle Filosa

Major: Art Design

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Who would you consider to be a style icon?

Danielle Filosa: Diane Keaton, she’s classy in a more modern day. She’s been around for a while and she’s really reserved. She was in a lot of Woody Allen’s movies and she always wore great things. She covers herself up though and I mostly do that too.

CF: How has Chicago influenced your style?

DF: I’m from Los Angeles so I always presented myself whether it was to go out to eat, to meet up with a friend or to just go get medicine. I really feel like I calmed down a bit since I’ve been out here.

CF: Describe your personal style?

DF: My personal style I guess is for one, I don’t like to wear anything else somebody else has. If I see something on someone else that I have I will most likely be a snob about it and give it away. I always tie everything in and I really love accessories.

CF: Where do you like to shop?

DF: Thrift stores, I don’t really go anywhere else but there.

How To: For this unique look, Urban Outfitters has similar pieces. Here is a vintage plaid dress for that has a great fit. For the blazer, Urban Outfitters has one with a very strong structure to mimic the classic look. Lastly, for the shoes, Forever 21 has these perfect black booties to complete the look.

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