Winter is always such a lovely season, with the snow…the lights…and obviously the fashion. What I love most about it is the outerwear men and women choose to bring out on the streets. This Fashionista is sporting a navy blue coat with faux fur trimming, making it the ultimate coat to show off her elegant and unique style. She does such a great job with colors, matching certain aspects of her outfit to the colors on the fur.

Besides those large down coats, I have been spotting a lot of peacoats, wools, parkas, capes, and much more. Along with those, there have been a lot of pairings with satchel bags, colorful tights, and faux fur; so far, this Fashionista is ahead of the game.

Let’s see what inspires this stylish student, and what drives her to keep on going with her passion.

Name: Delia Ridenour

Major: Theater Design (focusing in costume design) with a minor in Arts Entertainment Media Management

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where did you get that coat?!

Delia Ridenour: I got the coat from the online store ASOS…the fur was already attached to it!

CF: What inspires you to dress the way that you do?

DR: I don't know what inspires the way I dress. I usually just grab the first thing I see in my closet that becomes an outfit. I guess I am inspired by the past, found objects, and minimal colors, nothing too bright.

CF: What is an item in your closet you cannot live with out?

DR: It is not necessary in my closet, but one thing I could not live without would be my large supply of socks. My large amounts of thick wool socks, thigh highs, and all the rest are my most loved and necessary items. If it had to be in my closet, my leather backpack is a must.

CF: What do you love about your major…what are some things you get to do?

DR: That is tough to sum up. I love theater, and the ability to create something new and never seen before; a first hand and intimate experience that can only be shared with a live audience. We create unified and individualized worlds for our characters, and the ability to tell the story of these characters through their dress is something indefinably special and rewarding.

CF: Where do you see yourself after you graduate from Columbia?

DR: After graduation I see myself in Chicago working as a freelance costume designer and continuing my work as a seamstress as my daytime job.

How To: Want to sport the faux fur look? A site I live by, “Polyvore“, can help you get started with finding the faux fur pieces of your dreams by color and price…faux real?!?

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