While school is picking back up and finals are quickly approaching, it’s hard to believe students still have time to get up and look fashionable in the morning. Clearly, this Education Major, Devin, takes the time to still look great. The first thing I loved about her look was her adorable short hair. I asked her what made her cut it and a little more about her look in general.

Name: Devin Holme

Major: Secondary English Education

Year: Junior

College Fashionista: What influenced you to cut your hair short?

Devin Holme: It’s easy to manage and feels so sassy and fun!

CF: How do you feel that your everyday life influences your style?

DH: I like pretty casual, laid-back looks with fun accessories. I lean toward very wearable basics.

CF: Who are the people in your life that influence your style most?

DH: My mom heavily influences what I wear. She has great style herself and I usually ask her opinion before I buy things/wear outfits.

How To: To get a look similar to Devin’s, keep it sweet and simple. Try these khaki pants from and this shirt, both from Gap. Add a few fun accessories like a chunky necklace and some bangles. Finish the look with a pair of basic flats and you have an easy, yet sophisticated outfit!


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