Back-to-school fashion is officially here. Badgers are flooding the campus and it’s finally time to bring out our school sprit and our favorite fall fashion. It’s the time of year where everyone is dying to show off their summer tans paired with their new wardrobe for the new year. Check out this bohemian Fashionista as she talks all things fashion.

Name: Diana Goldberg

Year: Senior

Major: Education 

CollegeFashionista: How has living in Madison influenced your style?

Diana Goldberg: I am able to see tons of students who are free and open with all different kinds of clothes. In Madison, there is not one style that’s correct. Everyday I see people in my classes dressed in all kinds of styles and it really makes you want to bring your personality into what you wear.

CF: Who is your style icon?

DG: I really like Rachel Bilson. I love that she wears tons of sundresses. She has this great free flowing style that’s amazing. And she’s not afraid to wear bright colors, which I love.

CF: How would you describe your style?

DG: I am very eclectic. Working at a camp his summer, I saw that wearing tie-dye and having dirt all over you can be a style of it’s own. Style for me is being happy with what you are wearing and seeing people that bring color and vibrancy into their clothes is what I love.

CF: Where do you get your fashion fix?

DG: I don’t really read fashion magazines or blogs. I pretty much look at my friends and people in the street — watching what works for them. I often find one little piece that they have and imagine how I can make it work for me. When my twin got back from Italy, she had a lot of Italian influences so it was fun seeing what that brought out in her.

How To: Tired of your typical style routine? Vests are the perfect way to spice up any outfit. Throw on a lacy, leather, knit, fur or even a down vest and you are sure to create a mix up that you’ll want to go back to time and time again. Try a lace vest over a maxy like this from Shopbop or go wild with a funky number like this. Either way, vests will bring the edge you’ve been craving.

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