In case you haven’t noticed, spring has almost sprung! I spotted today's featured Fashionista’s vibrant, floral dress as she headed back to her dorm from class. Her colorful ensemble of bright floral patterns, bold jewelry, and blue mascara perfectly paralleled the weather’s bright mood. Her ensemble couldn’t have been more inspirational for GWU’s spring vacation waiting right around the corner! To offset her lively combination of colors, she accessorized with a taupe, knit scarf and cream blazer. I was amazed at this Fashionista’s ability to combine texture, colors, and patterns into one flawless ensemble; so I stopped her to talk about this playful daytime look.

Name: Donna Farizan

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communications

CF: Is your style influenced by your mood, the season, and/or the weather?

DF: I would say that the three of those follow a ranking system for me. First, I focus on the season and the trends within that season. Then I go by my mood. Lastly, I look to the weather to determine if I want to dress up or dress down. I usually use the weather to determine my outerwear (like my shoes and my jackets).

CF: Do you follow fashion media for style inspiration?

DF: I definitely follow fashion media, but only to a certain extent. I use magazines (and websites) like Vogue, InStyle, and to figure out the trends for each season. Then, I like to incorporate those trends into my own stye. But I mostly turn to the celebrities that I idolize for fashion advice. This spring I am looking forward to floral patterned dresses because they are classic while also girly and flirty.

CF: Who is your fashion icon?

DF: My fashion icon is Lauren Conrad. She doesn’t stick to one solitary style, but she incorporates many different ones into her look. Sometimes she rocks the boho-chic look and other times she rocks the sophisticated, feminine look. I see this in my style a lot because I get bored easily with similar things. I look to her for inspiration in dressing up my own style based on the different trends of that season.

How To: In order to replicate this Fashionista’s stylish springtime look, start with a springtime basic: a floral dress. Then create versatility for both occasion and weather by adding a textured scarf and light blazer (both pieces should be staples in any girl's wardrobe!) To complete this look, sprinkle on a few bold rings and earrings, like these from Anthropologie, my go-to store for costume jewelry.

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