Walking across campus on a sunny day, I found this Fashionista doing the same. Wearing a very spring-appropriate outfit, what I found myself drawn to the most was her shoes. The bright red really adds a pop of color to her mostly neutral ensemble. A couple of days before Spring Break, I was interested to find out where Emily would be traveling.

Name: Emily Fergason

Year: Junior

Major: Sports Communication Broadcast

College Fashionista: Where are you going for Spring Break?

Emily Fergason: Austin, TX for the South by Southwest Music Festival.

CF: What types of outfits do you plan to wear while there?

EF: I would definitely say outfits that represent my mood that day. Also, many of these outfits will be things that I could not really have planned; they are all spur of the moment type looks.

CF: Do you think that the SXSW music festival will have an impact on your style?

EF: Absolutely. Just seeing all of the different personal styles will make me view my own style in a different way. I plan to take a closer look at some of the outfits I see there and interpret them in my own way.

How To: To get a look like Emily’s, the first thing that you’ll need is a cute pair of flowing shorts. The next thing that you’ll need is a basic graphic tee like this one from Forever21. You will also need a military-style jacket. The last and most important thing that you’ll want to get is a perfect pair of red boots. With all of these, you’ll be ready to conquer any spring break, music festival and more!

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