With the winter weather getting more and more unforgiving as days pass, it’s easy to feel like a marshmallow while you’re wearing a puffy jacket, especially with all the extra layering underneath it. Let’s face it – it can be hard to feel chic during winter, and we often compromise style for a better chance at warmth. However, today’s Fashionista proves that you don’t always have to compromise warmth for style or vice versa. I spotted this Fashionista getting ready to take on the cold, and I was immediately drawn to one specific detail in her coat – the shearling-lined hood. Not only did it make her coat stand out, but it also kept her nice and warm. (Not to mention that the shape of her jacket complimented her frame, and the color of her jacket also made her brown accessories stand out.) It’s no wonder that shearling is becoming more popular this season. This Fashionista’s shearling hood was definitely a refreshing and slimmer alternative to the typical puffy, faux fur trimmed ones that are ubiquitous during winter. Today’s example proves that it is possible to show your personal style, even with several layers hiding underneath a coat.

Name: Emily Garbato

Year: Senior at SUNY Purchase

Major: Arts Management

CollegeFashionista: So what made you choose this coat?

Emily Garbato: I thought it was a nice everyday coat that could be casual and kind of dressy. I like the details – like the leather trimmings at the elbow and of course, the hood.

CF: What’s your favorite cold weather essential this season?

EG: A scarf that I got from Oak.

CF: And what are your favorite labels right now?

EG: Rag and Bone – I really like their stuff a lot.

How To: To get a similar look, try the “Premium Shearling Duffle Coat” from ASOS. You can also add shearling details to your look if you already have a favorite/reliable winter coat. For example, these UGG “Fashion Shearling Shorty” gloves are a simple and warm accessory. So experiment with shearling details this winter – you’ll be sure to stay warm and cozy minus the bulk.

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