There's something about warm weather that kicks fashion into high gear. Summer, my personal favorite season, makes coordinated outfits even easier to put together and flaunt. It's fun to dress up for light, breezy occasions, bonfires and warm evenings with friends. This week's Fashionista shows that summertime fashion makes the living and the dressing easy. She puts a twist on classic summer style by adding thin, patterned tights and summer booties. This Fashionista's summer floral dress is complemented by the darker tones of her bottom skirt, tights and boots. She brings up the darker tones with a bright retro purse with bold stripes. This week's Fashionista changes the meaning of summer whimsy in a darker tone.

Name: Emily Rogers

Major: Biology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What three words would you use to describe your style?

Emily Rogers: I would describe my style as clean, simple and fun. I like to keep things neat while thinking outside of the box.

CF: How do you usually pick your outfit for the day?

ER: I usually go through my closet and see what is most appropriate for the weather and day. Sometimes, if I buy a new outfit, I get excited enough to put it together the night before.

CF: What is your most prized style possession?

ER: My most prized fashion possession is definitely my pair of designer boots. They are versatile and quality.

CF: Do you have a current favorite trend?

ER: One of my current favorite trends is the incorporation of brights colors like orange or coral into outfits. I especially love the two colors together.

CF: Do you have a favorite quirky or unique piece?

ER: I have a lot of thrift shop pieces in my closet, including a sweater with bold buttons and sequins on it. It is retro and unique enough to be wearable in 2012.

CF: What is one of your staple summer pieces?

ER: One of my staple summer pieces is a nice pair of leather flip-flops I've had for a year now. They are durable, and they keep your feet cool.

How To: Dress to represent the weather and light atmosphere and put together an outfit that describes your interpretation of summer. You can dress in bold color patterns or in darker tones. To get this Fashionista's look, dress for the season. A pair of tights similar to this Fashionista's can be found at Forever 21, and a pair of summer boots can be found at Overstock.

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