This girl is elegent, stylish, sophisticated and very original, standing out from the crowd for her quirky style. The outfit is carefully put together with the right balance of colour, textures and sleek cuts. From her pixie like short hazel brown hair to the red beaded purse and red leather vintage heels every detail is taken into account. The monochrome vintage dress and jet black tighs contrast well with the red details to keep the whole stulish and very vintage chic.

Name: Emma Clifton

Year: Four

Major: Hisotry of Art

CollegeFashionista: So, tell me where do you go shopping?

Emma Clifton: Well actually I normally can't really remember where I buy stuff from, as it comes from such a mixture of different places. I do remember however that my bag was a present and I recently bought this dress from Armstrongs, so I guess I mainly go shopping in vintage shops.

CF: And what would you describe as your style?

EC: My style? Well, it's pretty much that, MY style! I guess I dress how I feel and take risks knowing it could all go drastically wrong. I like to experiment and try different looks. I guess at the moment, or specifically today, I am rocking a very vintage chic, '60s-inspired, Twiggy type outfit — the hair obviously helping out a lot.

CF: Are you a fan of the '60s then?

EC: I guess I am. I like trying out old trends and mixing things up. For example, here the dress is worn with very red accessories, which give it a bit more of a dream fantasy air, a bit like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I like to push boundaries and keep things fresh and fun.

How To: To get Emma's look, be bold and different, ready to experiment and take on influences from accross the borders. Whether it be a '60s-inspired, tailored, short sleeved monochrome dress or a gold chained red purse, never back out and follow your heart!

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