There are numerous style options when it comes to spring accessories. Combine an oversized floppy hat, round Carmel colored sunglasses, fringe-dangling earrings, and gold bangle bracelets and you’re suddenly lost in the 70’s dressed in the perfect bohemian look. Other trending styles have been filling the pages of our beloved site, such as “the new romantics”, a combination of classy and sweetheart pieces. At ASU bright colored items are especially fashionable. Neon sunglasses here, pastel jewels there, and floral items everywhere. Fashionista Emmi Brytowski landed a spotlight with her classic springtime look. As I roamed the downtown campus, I spotted Brytowski’s sky blue scarf and brink pink cardigan. Among the droves of classmates dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, Brytowski sparkled like a gem in the southern sun. Standing out is what Fashionista/os do best, right?

Name: Emmi Brytowski

Year: Freshman

Major: Graphic Design

College Fashionista: How would you describe your style?

Emmi Brytowski: Indie

CF: How or where do you get ideas for outfits?

EB: Sort of like “window shopping” but on people- I look at what others are wearing to get ideas, I call it “people shopping.”

CF: What’s the process of dressing for school like for you?

EB: I base outfits off the weather and my mood. I don’t try on a million things in the morning, I know ahead of time what I’ll wear and then from there [weather and mood].

CF: Current favorite place to shop (for spring)?

EB: Forever 21 and thrift stores

How To: Accessories should be renewed with the season. Spring and summer are the best seasons to go wild with color. Try adding a colorful layer to your outfit with a springtime scarf, inspired by our featured Fashionista Brytowski. Wave, sequined, tasseled, or woven, Forever 21 has got you covered with a design-of-your-choice scarf. I recommend the blue and burgundy smocked wave scarf to add over the neckline of a strapless knit maxi dress.

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