Accessorizing is the name of my favorite game. Whether they are my grandmother’s amethyst earrings or my favorite Stella McCartney scarf, accessories are always the last stop on my outfit train. These simple additions can easily elevate any outfit from bleak to chic. 

I spotted this Fashionista on an unseasonably warm day outside of Potomac looking glam in a cream skirt and sweater, oversized black jacket, distressed tights and black booties. She steps her outfit up a notch by adding a baby blue scarf, oversized bag and wood bead necklace.

Name: Enni Aigbomian

Major: Undecided

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How would you define your personal style?

Enni Aigbomian: I would define my personal style as constantly changing and experimental. Overall it's kind of like the edgy streets of London meet the cool, chic, simplicity of Paris. I like to mix feminine and masculine pieces, neutral warm colours with certain pieces that pop. I've also been wearing a bit of black lately, I've really grown to appreciate how sexy and mysterious the colour black is. I'll wear an all black ensemble on the days I'm feeling most calm and happy, which some would consider pretty backwards. I know some people find it difficult to pull all black off without looking like an “emo burglar.” The secret to pulling off all black is to wear the pieces in different material types. So don't go around wearing an all black wool ensemble… that would be quite ghastly!

CF: What are your top three college budget friendly stores to shop?

EA: Urban Outfitters, LuLus, and thrift/vintage stores

CF: Where/who do you look to for inspiration?

EA: I look to Solange Knowles because her style and personality is so bold and daring. She's actually the reason I started wearing lipstick (the only type of makeup I actually wear) to bring out my facial features and compliment my outfits. I also look to Zoe Kravitz for her lax and non-conforming style; her clothes just fall into perfection on her body. For websites, I enjoy FashionToast, StyleLikeU and Closet Visit.

How To: Accessories are like junk food — good in moderation. You can't have just one, but you can't have them all. Start with neutral basics, like a silky shirt dress and leggings. Add simple flats or boots. A unembellished outfit acts as a canvas for a beautiful ensemble. Next, layer on the accessories! A patterned scarf, necklace or funky belt can spice up an outfit like this in no time. But if you find yourself questioning whether or not that lime green purse is necessary, always remember… less is more!

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