News flash: anoraks aren’t just for camping! Anoraks in the past have been associated with menswear and the pasttime of camping, but they are now fashionable and add a little edge to an outfit. This Fashionista caught my eye as she was walking back from class and wowed me with her chic coat and impeccable pairings. Her jacket isn’t just basic black and has the fit of a modernized anorak. It's refreshing to see something other than a parka and this jacket is not only different; it's a style piece all on its own, especially with the high collar and gold embellishments. Revamped anoraks have been spotted on the runways from Burberry to Tory Burch and even on the racks at Target. This is a trend that is never out of style and a must-have item for all.

Name: Erin Byrne

Major: Finance

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you define your style?

Erin Byrne: A mix of trendy, preppy and classic. 

CF: What is your favorite fashion trend?

EB: Colorful Jeans; I can't wait to finally wear out my colorful jeans for spring.

CF: Who are your style icons?

EB: Jennifer Aniston and Lauren Conrad; I love both their styles because not only are they very chic but it's also very accessible to buy similar pieces on a college budget.

CF: Where do you shop?

EB: I love Forever 21, Akira and Nordstrom. Forever 21 and Akira are my go-to stores for my trendier items that I don't want to spend a lot of money on because styles are always changing. I go to Nordstrom for my more classic pieces such as my denim.

How To: The most important part of finding the perfect anorak-inspired jacket for you is the fit. It should have style and a fitted waist. A coat is an investment and if found with the right fit and style it could last a lifetime. Michael Kors has amazing anorak or you can add this piece from Old Navy to your wardrobe for a great deal. For a splurge, Burberry will last you a lifetime. Pair this strong jacket with feminine details and you’ll be jet-setting in no time.

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